It’s Not Just Sweets at Dessert Trends’ DT Bistro

Cynthia Cheng

Located on Harbord Street, between Spadina and Bathurst is the DT Bistro, the restaurant that sweets shop, Dessert Trends operates.  Offering much more than just desserts, this restaurant is an ideal place for a nice, weekend brunch. 

At my last visit, I ordered a lemon dill egg scramble with cheddar cheese served over brioche (top image) .  It was draped with smoked salmon and served with a side salad.  The eggs’ texture was very good, but even better was the salad.  Consisting of mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber and a vinaigrette dressing as well as nut brittle, giving the salad a unique texture and taste.  The mushroom omelette with parmesean served with a mini-croissant (middle image), which my dining partner had, however, was more mushroomy-than egg-y, a dish that is great for those who are mushroom-obessed.  It also comes with a mixed green salad.  In addition to brunch-y foods, DT Bistro also has a regular lunch menu. Highly recommended is the lamb meatloaf sandwich (bottom image). 

The restaurant is pretty cozy – enough seating for approximately 40-50 people, split on two sides, with a dessert/take-out counter in the middle, towards the doors.  Also, there aren’t many large tables – most tables seat two, with a handful for four or six.  However, this is not really the type of restaurant that you would take big groups to.  It’s really for a chilled, relaxed Sunday. 

DT Bistro is located on 154 Harbord Street.  Phone number is 416-916-8155.