Toronto Mayor Candidate Proposes Subways

Cynthia Cheng

Sarah Thomson, candidate for Toronto’s top job in the municipal elections this fall, held a press conference at the Fox and Fiddle this morning, announcing her transit ideas if she became mayor.  Ms. Thomson believes in subways.  With the climate that Toronto has, streetcars/Light Rail Transit (LRT)  just doesn’t work.  And not to mention that these huge surface vehicles do nothing in terms of appearance for the city.

What I find interesting is that the first subway line Ms. Thomson intends to build is one along Eglinton Avenue, currently a proposed LRT line.  This line will go east to west.  My worry is that this will only add to the congestion on the downtown-going Yonge-University-Spadina line, one which is already very busy.  I would think that an additional downtown line would also be top priority, since people are already complaining about it.  If the Don Mills LRT continues as planned, it would only make things worse.  The ideal subway expansion should be, first and formost, another north-south line.  A line on Eglinton as well as extending the Sheppard line westward should be slightly further away in terms of planning and building.  Yes, it would be ideal to have a subway which goes out to Pearson, but what about people who live downtown?  Another thing which should be implemented is a smart farecard.  Other cities already have them, so why not Toronto?

Of course, any subway at all is still an improvement from the current Transit City proposal.  To this day, the lack of a downtown line has shocked many.  Toronto always wants to be a “world class city,” and as Prospere Magazine has noted before, Transit City is far from making the city “world class.”  The lack of putting in the effort to making the city polished and sophisticated really astounds many people in the city.  Of course, in order for this to change, the city will require a complete makeover.  Just electing someone new for the most powerful job won’t do the trick.  We need people who are intersted in making the city more polished and sophisticated in council positions as well.

Image from Sarah Thomson’s campaign page.