LG Fashion Week Wrap-Up: Loves, Some Loves and No Loves

Cynthia Cheng



Lucian Matis (top left), Lovas (top right), Dmitri-Chris (bottom left), Heart Truth (bottom right)



Arm warmers at Lovas. No need to worry about cold arms while wearing short sleeves in the winter. Looking forward to get my hands (or rather, arms) on them later this year.

Lucian Matis‘ collection.  Truly a work of art (opposed to something that is actually wearable – for the most part, anyway) and the gold/silver/black colouring was a good shift away from the black and cream palate that over half the designers seem to have focused on for the season.  Some might even call the collection, “regal elegance.” 

Dmitri-Chris’ Mr. Darcy-inspired collection.  If only the typical guy would be willing to wear riding gear inspired clothing and not be embarassed about it.  Spoke with the designer after the show.  Interesting guy, even if he didn’t seem too interested in designing for shorter men (despite being vertically challenged himself).

The Heart Truth show was great too.  Great to see the diversity of sizes in celebrities used.  Why is it that when it comes to famous people, it’s perfectly fine and acceptable to use people who aren’t tall and skinny?


Some Loves

Crystal Renn at Joe Fresh.  While it was great to see non-standard sized women like Crystal at a main runway show.  it would have been better to see an unknown, non-standard sized woman.  Why not use one of the finalists from last year’s plus size search?  If VAWK was able to find unknowns, Joe Fresh could too.  I realize that it’s a name issue, but still.  Also, Crystal is still a taller-than-average woman.  It would actually be NICE to see a more average or even short woman.  Body image isn’t only about the dress size, but height as well.  Height isn’t something that is talked about very much, and it’s very likely because short celebrities have been advised against this very topic.  Why?  Because they’re already size zero.

Jessica Biffi’s capsule collection for Addition Elle and MXM:  Loved the clothes (hey, she made skinny jeans look good on people who would otherwise not wear them!), but didn’t love the fact that she used dress forms over models.  Yes, it wasn’t a fall collection, nor was it a runway show presented in the regular space, but why not use models?  There were plenty to pick from, especially from the plus size model search held last year!


No Loves:

There was way, way too much black and white this season. Yes, winter is supposed to be drab, but a bit of colour to make things pop can’t hurt. In fact, it might make attendees pay attention to the clothes a bit more. When everything is similar in colour, the entire collection becomes a blur!  

There was pretty much zero food.  Sure, media had free coffee, water and biscotti, but there was nothing when it came to “real food” unless you were willing to pay $8 for a cold chicken or veggie wrap.  When I see $8 for a sandwich, I’d want it grilled and served with a side salad.


  1. Hi,
    Glad the Lucian Matis show was one of you loves! I have had the pleasure of collaborating with this very talented designer and created the jewellery for this collection (as well as the Spring /Summer 2010 collection). Thanks for appreciating the art. Functional wear can be seen in a catalogue. Why come to a show for anything less than “art” and “regal elegance”?
    And thank you again for your Designer Of The Week – Karen McFarlane article posted on July 16, 2009.
    Karen McFarlane,
    Artistic Director for Jewellery By Karen