Immigration Sob Stories Boring and Not Interesting

Cynthia Cheng

Why is it that every story the media report on regarding immigrants has to be borderline depressing?  It’s always about not being able to find jobs, or kids not fitting in.  Going as far back as movies like the Jazz Singer, the immigrant child always has some sort of culture clash with the parents.  It’s old world versus new world.  Don’t people find it tiresome?

Can’t media report on happy families, rather than depressing sob stories when it comes to immigrants or children of immigrants?

Yes, I realize that there will always be culture clashes – I have them with my own parents, but it’s probably not nearly as crazy as what one reads or watches.  I also realize that job difficulties and issues surrounding Canadian born children not being able to speak at least one official language by the time they start school are also problems – heck, I was one of those kids myself.  I guess it’s all about sensationalism.  However, if they want an interesting story, why don’t media write more about successful immigrants?  When it comes to successful people, it seems that those we hear about aren’t really immigrants at all, but those who’ve been in Canada since they were children (think Adrienne Clarkson).  And they have to be very, very successful.  But what about normal-successful people?  People with office jobs and do community service for their neighbourhood?  What about children of immigrant parents who are traditional, but not in the sense of the old country culture?  For example, someone of Indian or Chinese descent who probably knows more about Emily Post’s rules than the Post family?  Wouldn’t that be something that the media would like to talk about?  Or would that just be expolitation?

I would just like to offer the media and the world something different.  We have had enough of the typical stories we see.  We all know that many immigrants have to work hard to succeed and that there are often culture clashes between Canadian-raised children and old country adults.  But let’s spend some time looking at other topics for a change.  Let’s make things more interesting.

Image © Catherine Yeulet/iStockphoto