Dessert Trends Prix Fixe Dinner

Cynthia Cheng

I last reviewed Dessert Trends Bistro as a brunch/lunch place last month and skipped over the dessert.  I recently returned to the restaurant for dinner to try their prix fixe menu.  The meal, which costs either $25 or $35, depending on the main course one orders, actually has a much larger selection than any similar menu I’ve seen.  There are at least five appetizers to pick from, ranging from salads to spring rolls to my choice, a mushroom and goat cheese phylo tart.  There are many mains to choose from as well, not to mention, dessert (the restaurant, after all, is called DESSERT TRENDS).

First up: The bread.  Loved the fact that it was toasted.  I also liked the spreads it came with.  Rather than your standard butter or olive oil and basalmic vinegar, we were presented with a tray of containing humuus, a beet spread and cherry tomatoes with beans.  The personal favourite here is the beet spread.


First course: This was an absolute delight.  The pastry was nice and flaky and the mushrooms and goat cheese done just right.  The mushrooms, which were sauteed, were cooked well.  However, they could have used more variety of mushrooms.  Finally, the portion size was not that big, which is a plus.  You can definitely tell the calibre of a restaurant based on portion size – the better ones are never big.

Main: The miso glazed lemon black cod was served with coconut and bean rice and steamed vegetables.  The fish had an excellent tangy and savoury taste to it and mixed very well with the rice.  The vegetables, however, could have been a bit better.  Squash is not exactly my top choice for vegetables in early May. 


Dessert: Well, that’s what this restaurant is known for.  I got a chance to taste both the pecan tart and a chocolate mousse dessert called Chocolate Symphony.  I’d say that out of the two, my preference is definitely the latter.  Wrapped in hardened chocolate, the creamy chocolate mousse filling is nice and fluffy, excellent to the taste buds.  It also came with berries, which is a plus.  This is definitely something that one should try when having sweets at Dessert Trends.  The pecan tart, on the other hand, is, well, a pecan tart.  While it was good, it was also not that special compared to the Chocolate Symphony.

The prix fixe menu is definitely a great choice for people looking for an affordable multicourse dinner.  However, their brunch choices are far superior to dinner.