Henrietta Pertuz: Petite and Classically Fashionable

Cynthia Cheng

Like most petite women, Henrietta Pertuz has had a great deal of difficulty finding clothing which fit her 5’2″ figure.  Regular clothing was just not cut properly, and alterations were not always possible without paying a great deal for reconstruction.  Getting tired of the difficulty, she left her job as an advertising executive to launch her line of clothing which is made to fit women 5’4″ or below.  The line, which features simple dresses, tops and and pants, are great to pair up with other existing pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. 


(Left:  Ford dress; Right: Newport blouse and Kim shorts) 

Being a petite designer, there have been many challenges for Henrietta.  Just finding the right models can be hard.  Agencies don’t usually have women who’re the right size – Henrietta’s clothes fit women 5’4″ or below.   Even a “short” model  most agencies have are too tall for her clothes.  Some agencies are even surprised at her requests.  Luckily, Henrietta has Carolyn, a 5’4″ fitness model.  Recently, she also did a shoot with some America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13 (petite cycle) contestants (though they were a little bit taller than her other models).  There have been other challenges as well.  First and foremost, it is convincing women that they are petite.  Many people are still under the belief that “petite” not only means short, but also small framed.  They do not think that someone who is, say, 5’2″ tall and a size 10 is petite.  That is completely incorrect.  In fact, the line ranges from 0P to 12P (and will expand to 00P and 14P in the fall). 


(Left:  Denim trousers; Right: Molly dresses featuring ANTM Cycle 13’s Laura and Jennifer)

Henrietta’s line has received some press recently.  In a world that is full of tall skinny women, and now, a few tall, not-so-skinny women, it is very difficult for petite designers to even get a wee bit of notice.  However, last week, Glamour.com published a post about the line.  She has also received press on petite blogs like Extra Petite and The Good Girl Gone Blog.  Where would Henrietta like to be in five years?  Definitely in more stores!  She would also love to dress petite celebrities, including Eva Longoria, Kristen Bell, Kristen Chenoweth and Carrie Underwood.  Currently, Henrietta Pertuz is available online via her website and in these stores, with price points similar to Banana Republic and J.Crew.

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