GTA’s Good Taste-ing Shanghainese Dim Sum

Cynthia Cheng

The Greater Toronto Area has several Chinatowns, ranging from older ones in the downtown core to Agincourt to Mississauga and Markham/Richmond Hill.  The best ones, according to most Toronto-based Chinese are in Markham.  Not only are these restaurants clean (downtown Chinatown restaurants have a reputation of health code violations) and authentic, but the vast majority are located in either indoor malls or open plazas, which means that it’s a one-stop shop for many – dim sum for lunch, and then off to the supermarket for some groceries and the video store for some movies before heading home.


(Left: Soup dumplings; Right: Green onion pancake)

Good Taste Shanghai Cuisine is located in one of these plazas.  Serving traditional Shanghainese fare, such as soup dumplings (aka shiao long bao, a dumpling made with minced pork  is absolutely delectable.  Do watch out for the juice/soup, as it’s HOT!) and green onion pancakes (also delicious), the restaurant is surely to leave you craving for more.  For those who are vegetarian, there are plenty of other selections, besides the green onion pancakes.  Chive dumplings are a good one.  Both the chive and soup dumplings are great dipped in vinegar!  For dessert?  Why not try sesame puffs, a fried doughnut filled with sesame paste.  There are no dim sum slips at Good Taste – everything is ordered through a regular menu.  Good thing that the menus are bilingual, or else people who cannot read Chinese like myself would always need someone to help them order. A plus that the staff speak English. 


(Left: Vegetarian (chive) dumplings; Right: Sesame puffs)

The restaurant has a modern feel with dark, linenless table tops, dark-coloured chopsticks and white china – a little bit different from many other places, which still like to use cream-coloured chopsticks.  At least very few restaurants opt for pink-and-white dishes and plastic table covers – that’s SOOOO pre 1990!

Good Taste Shanghai Cuisine is located at 505 Highway 7 East, Building C, Units 98-99 in Thornhill.  Phone number is 905-370-6868.