Thai in the Annex

Cynthia Cheng

Real Thailand Restasurant on Bloor, just west of Spadina has been a staple in the area for 10 years.  The restaurant offers a huge range of choices at affordable prices – entrees are often just under the $10 mark for dinner.  There is also a set lunch menu.

The first dish we had was an appetizer.  The chicken wings, which are marinated in Thai garlic and soya sauces as well as pepper, was served over dried noodles with dipping sauce on the side.  Though the taste was okay, the wings were certainly not on the top of my list of things to order at another visit.  We wanted to try something different (other than the usual spring or rice paper rolls), but we probably should have stuck to our regular choices.  One thing to note is that the chicken wings were served with orange slices – a good thing for those who would like some additional fruits.

Next came the main dishes.  I chose ginger beef  – stir-fried beef cooked with ginger, wood mushrooms and onions –   while my fiance had Thai mango chicken (cooked with mushrooms, onions, cashews and, of course, mangos).  The beef proved to be the more popular choice out of the two mains.  The chicken, while good, was a little more tangy and didn’t mix with the rice as well as the beef.  Note that rice does not come with the main and must be ordered separately.  Portions are a decent size, unlike some other places, which like to give people heeps and heeps of food.  Like the chicken wings, both the beef and the mango chicken dishes were served with slices of oranges.

The decor at the restaurant was quite interesting.  It was, for one, very green – an interesting choice for decor.  In addition, the green really made the restaurant look dated (even for something from 2000) compared to other restaurants in the area and with a similar price point.  However, decor aside, this is definitely a place that we will revisit.