Indigo Masala Room: Av and Dav’s Indian Restaurant

Cynthia Cheng

It has been around for less than a year, but Indigo Masala Room, on Avenue Road just south of Davenport is perhaps one of the best Indian restaurants I’ve been to in the past little while.  Not only do they have good service (we were asked whether we wanted additional naan or rice), but the food is absolutely delectable.

Main course of vegetarian korma, butter chicken and bhuna gosht

We tried the two person meal at our visit.  This consists of a chicken dish, a beef or lamb dish, one vegetarian as well as rice and naan.  It also comes with a “chef’s appetizer platter,” which in our visit was vegetarian pakora and onion bhaji.  We ordered butter chicken, bhuna ghost (lamb cooked with cloves, cardamom and tomatoes) and vegetarian korma.  The vegetarian korma – veggies cooked in a cashew sauce – is highly recommended.   For dessert, we had gulab jamun (Indian doughnuts dipped in syrup) and vanilla ice cream, sprinkled with pistachios. 

Presentation at restaurants is an art, and Indigo Masala does it well.  Unlike most Indian restaurants, the main meal is presented in a staggered, three-tier stand with voltave candles at the bottom which keeps the food warm.  Our dessert consisted of three pieces of gulab jamun, two small scoops of ice cream and pieces of fruit – good use of colour presentation. The restaurant also uses square plates rather than round.  This is rarely seen in Indian restaurants as they tend not to follow “trend” unless they’re truly seen as fusion.  Indigo is not one of these places, thus making it interesting.  However, there may be those who may find this unoriginal or just “following the pack.” 

Decor-wise, the theme of the restaurant was blue (hence the name), very unusual at Indian restaurants.  Most Indian places seem to prefer warmer tones such as reds, browns and golds.  In fact, without looking at the menu or knowing the name, one might not even think that the restaurant served Indian food. 

The restaurant, being “different” from others like it, along with its wonderful food and service, makes it a worthwhile place to go back again and again.

Indigo is located on 137 Avenue Road, just south of Davenport.  It is open for lunch five days a week (11:30 am to 2:30 pm) and dinner, seven days a week (5:30 pm to 10:30 pm).  Indigo Masala Room also offers catering/take-out, a special lunch menu and “meal plan” for people who get take-out on a regular basis.  Reservations can be made by calling 416-920-7070 or online.


  1. great restaurant with great service and excellent food. I was there couple days ago and they let me customize the spicy-ness of the meal. due to my friend’s allergy to dairy products, we had requested chicken vindaloo without dairy. It seemed like the request was no problem to them and they still managed to give it an amazing taste. definitely the BEST Indian restaurant in town.

  2. mike, by the way chicken vindaloo is prepared without dairy.