Styling it up at Ottawa's Justine & Justinas

Christopher Massardo

It’s nothing new to say that Ottawa gets over-looked from time to time regarding its ability to provide good fashion to the cities consumers. Ottawa doesn’t always miss the mark though, one example being Justine & Justinas on Sussex. Up until recently and its opening in 1993 the store was known simply as Justine’s. The store itself partnered up with wedding gown designer Justyna McCaffery and manager/owner Christine Shaikin is thrilled about this new venture saying “it’s a great opportunity; we’ve never had gowns like this in the store before.”

The store itself has the boutique atmosphere you hope for when shopping for something a little more than casual or right up to gown level. With a fabulous location and with shows such as Style Her Famous have turned to the store for their advice it’s no wonder why they’ve been in business so long. When asked what she loves most about the store Christine replied with “I look at it like an art gallery for clothing, I love the fabric of the clothes and the beautiful change in a woman when she tries on the clothes.”

One fabulous quality of this boutique is how much they support Canadian talent, with at least 80% of their collections being from Canadian designers. Some of the designers the store is known for carrying and in some cases exclusively in Ottawa are Andy The-Anh, Joeffer Caoc and Nadya Toto to name but a few! For the future the store is looking at re-designing to better equip the new wedding gowns now on display.  So if you are in Ottawa for a weekend of shopping and what a stand out piece made by a Canadian designer or want that custom wedding dress stop by Justine & Justinas at 541 Sussex Drive, Ottawa.