Style, Success, Sex and the City

T.U. Dawood

Women of Influence marked June as the month for Style, Success and Sex in the City.  They celebrated the release of Sex and the City 2 with an exclusive showing of the film and a speech by Natasha Koifman, Canada’s premier publicist.  They then invited Bonnie Fuller, media mogul, to come from New York City to be keynote for their Deloitte Women of Influence luncheon series.

Bonnie Fuller addressing the attendees

Both these eminent women spoke about style, success and most importantly, being true to oneself. Natasha shared stories from her journey to success through comparisons to the journeys made by the four lead characters of the film SATC2, and she also gave key tips to the avid audience.  Bonnie was equally authentic and personal, relating the ups and downs of her journey while being a genuine inspiration to the women in attendance.

Natasha, who is founder and President of NKPR public relations firm, took time out to share some advice for Prospere readers, “I think the key (for women entrepreneurs) is following a passion.  I really believe if you are passionate about what you do, do good work and are honest – you will always succeed.”  She also related, “We listen to our clients and really understand what success looks like to them and then deliver results based on that.”  

Bonnie Fuller was a very sincere, down-to-earth speaker whose “Reach for the Stars” talk ran the gambit, from career advice to relationship wisdom.  The high-powered magazine editor is not only Canadian born, but was the editor of Flare magazine before moving on to Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Us Weekly.  Her latest venture is a foray into the world of digital publishing.  A wife and mother of four, Bonnie has also published The Joys of Much Too Much: Go for the Big Life–The Great Career, The Perfect Guy and Everything Else You’ve Ever Wanted (Even if You’re Afraid You Don’t Have What it Takes).

Carolyn Lawrence (left), Women of Influence President and Bonnie Fuller (right)

She spoke from the heart, urging the women in the audience to live their lives with passion, doing what they love.  “You are your best customer,” she explained, asking, “Would you buy your own product?”

“There is no better day than today to start living the life you want to live,” she advised.  Citing her admiration for Madonna and her own need to continually reinvent herself to stay fresh and interesting, Bonnie spoke about going after what she wants, life’s ups and downs, “juggling” work and family and doing the best she can. 

Bonnie’s talk was preceded by a special Find Your Passion workshop led by Women of Influence President Carolyn Lawrence.  Although both Natasha and Bonnie’s speeches were inspiring, Carolyn’s workshop was particularly special because her walkthrough exercises made participants re-examine not only their career goals, but their passions.  Almost every participant found that what she thought was her dream job wasn’t necessarily her dream job but it was a means by which she could tap into certain passions.  Once those passions were narrowed and focused, a better, easier, more natural job sometimes pops up that would bring much greater joy and success.

Photos courtesy of Tom Sandler


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