Brunch at Le Pain Quotidien

Cynthia Cheng

About a year ago, I wrote about breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien, a European/French-inspired communal table restaurant chain which can be found all over the world.  Recently, my fiance and I revisited (actually, I revisited the place – it was the first time for my fiance) the downtown Toronto location for brunch.  Rather than ordering the typical omelette combination which comes with fresh breads, we decided to have sweet waffles instead, an addition of $1.50 per plate.

The omelette choices at Le Pain are made with organic eggs.  For an additional cost, one can have egg white only omelettes.  I ordered a mushroom and scallion omelette ($9.25m $10.75 with waffles) while my fiance had parmesan and pesto ($9.75; $11.25 with waffles).  He had never had an omelette with pesto before and found the taste to be very interesting (and strong, even for those who like pesto).  It is definitely a good choice for pesto lovers.

Being European-inspired means that meals feel lighter.  Even with a waffle, complete with syrup and whole eggs, the meal doesn’t feel as filling as a plate of eggs and waffles, pancakes or French toast from a diner.  The waffles had just the right amount of syrup (there was no need to add the extra which came with the plate) and came with berries.  In addition, the meal came with a small salad, something you don’t generally find in diner meals. 

Though the price was higher than what one could get at a diner, Le Pain Quotidien is once again, worth it – a great way to start a Sunday!