Are Men Fitter Than Women?

Davelle Morrison

The Canadian Health Measures Survey conducted by Statistics Canada released its findings in January 2010. It confirmed what most fitness professionals already know. As a nation, we are not getting any fitter. And for women, their fitness results are worse than men.

The Canadian Health Measures Survey found that “maximal aerobic power (VO2 max) is higher in males across all age groups indicating that males have better aerobic fitness levels than females at all ages.” Are women too busy with their household duties to take some time out for themselves? Despite the fact that many women work outside of the home, they are still expected to manage the majority of household duties including child rearing, cleaning, cooking & shopping with very little help from their male counterparts. No wonder women are too exhausted to exercise after completing allof their household duties.

Aerobic fitness levels are higher in Canadian males than in females across all age groups. What is disturbing is that across all categories from Good, to Very Good, to Excellent, males were outperforming women in terms of their aerobic fitness scores. According to the study, aerobic fitness is defined as “predicted maximal aerobic power (in millilitres per kilogram of body weight per minute, or mL/kg/min) is an estimate of the maximum volume of oxygen an individual can utilize per minute of exercise relative to their body weight.” Areobic fitness is critical in the prevention of many cancers, diabetes, heart disease & high blood pressure.

The Conclusion? The percentage of Canadians of normal weight declined significantly, and the percentage in the combined overweight/obese category increased significantly.

Women must take some time out to invest in themselves so that they can remain healthy for their families. Women spend so much time looking after the health of those in their household but need to remember to look after their needs too. Fit, Firm and Fab is hosting a Fitness Weekend Getaway for women to help them on the road toward a healthier lifestyle. The event will offer fitness bootcamp, kettle bell exercises, running & core workouts to increase muscular strength and aerobic fitness levels. The weekend also offers Yoga, Meditation & a wellness seminar to help them with relaxation and goal setting. A Registered Nutritionist will host a hands-on cooking workshop and nutrition seminar to help them reduce their obesity levels.

The weekend is engineered to arm women with the tools they need to achieve a more fit, firm and more fabulous lifestyle after they leave the weekend. Last year’s event was very successful and won them the praise of participants with comments such as, “This was a wonderful weekend! There was so much information, advice and just the right amount of push…Thanks so much.”

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