442 McAdam Goes Compact for Fall 2010

The first thing I noticed about 442 McAdam‘s Fall 2010 collection was its compact sized bags, very different from previous collections.  Though the 100% cowhide is still intact, the smaller size intrigued me as a petite person – though I have a few totes, I prefer smaller bags which are more in proportion for smaller people. 

The Fall 2010 collection consists of a lot of greens, with a touch of purple as well.  Most styles come in two colours, with one which is mostly black.  One of my favourite bags is the Hobette (a small hobo bag with a shorter chain strap which can be swapped for a longer, skinny leather one.  This bag is the ideal size for someone looking for something smaller.  Another favourite is the Regal Trio.  As you might have guessed from the name, there are three ways of wearing it.  The detachable gold chain can be worn two ways.  The first is to attach it on either side (shoulder bag) and the second on one side, using the bag as a wristlet. Finally, the chain can be taken off, making the bag a wallet.

Launched in 2008, previous collections of 442 McAdam have had large selections of oversized bags.  The line has gained the attention from fashionistas all over and have been seen on Canadian celebrities and “A-Listers” like Lisa Ryder, Tanya Kim and Natalie Brown.  In addition to women’s bags, 442 McAdam also produces the “Mr.,” which is a unisex laptop bag.  The price for this collection ranges between $250 and $400 Canadian and can be purchased online or at these stores.