True Restaurant’s Chicken Ballotinne

Prospere Magazine first came across True Restaurant in 2008 when it first opened in Yorkville.  This green and locovore-friendly restaurant has an amazing list of foods, ranging from pastas and pizzas to entrees like the chicken ballotine.  Stuffed with mixed nuts and dried fruit, the chicken is, in addition to the traditional potatoes and vegetables, also served with a red wine poached pear.

I had the chance to taste the chicken ballotine recently at a visit to the restaurant.  While I wouldn’t say that it was the best chicken I’ve ever had, it certainly wasn’t the worst.  It was definitely not dry – a good thing.  However, I thought the portion size, particularly the amount of potatoes was a little too much.  In our fat and carb conscious society, it would have been better if the portion size were a little smaller.  As for the pear – it really adds to the tangyness of the dish, along with the stuff dried fruit.  The brocollini which serves as a side vegetable, was not to my liking.  I wouldn’t say that the dish is for everyone, but it’s definitely something worth trying.  Chicken ballotinne is part of True’s dinner menu and is $20.