Palmer's Cocoa Butter Giveaway!

Chocolate was once part of some ancient American societies, such as the Aztecs and Mayans.  Cocoa was used not only for religious ritual, but also for currency.  Europeans soon discovered it and chocolate became a sophisticated drink.

In the early 19th century, the cocoa press was invented.  Beans were squeezed to produce liquid cocoa butter, which can be extremely moisturizing.   Today, cocoa is harvested only in certain areas of the world – 20 degrees north and 20 degrees south of the equator.  They are dried, fermented and roasted before squeezing into a creamy paste, cocoa butter.  Its low melting point is what makes this a great moisturizer.

Prospere Magazine is giving away a bag of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter products worth $75.  These products, which are great to keep your skin nice and moisturized (even in the summer!) come in various sizes and formulae including the swivel stick (can be a GREAT lipbalm), Cocoa Butter Formula (both regular and fragrance-free) and Firming Butter.  These products and more are all packed into an amazing tote bag.  All you have to do is e-mail us the answer to the following math question for your chance to get this amazing gift:

What is 33+25-57+52?

For an additional chance, please tweet this contest and leave us your Twitter ID below or via e-mail.

This closes on August 15 at 5 pm EASTERN TIME, when a name will be drawn.


  1. Colleen C says:

    53 @TalkingColleen