Can it BE more Addictive? The New Blackberry Torch and Operating System


Crackberry addicts beware, a new Blackberry is about to launch.  The Blackberry Torch, Research in Motion’s latest device, is its first sliding keyboard device.  In addition, it comes with a brand smacking new operating system, which will also be competable with existing devices like the Bold (both 9650 and 9700) as well as the Pearl 3G (good news for THIS Crackberry addict who still has another two years left of a three year contract!).  The Torch will be available in the US on August 12 and Canadian markets later this year.

The new Blackberry Torch includes the following:

  • a 5MP camera (like the new iPhone 4)
  • Faster browser
  • Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi
  • Universal search for anything and everything (from apps to contacts, e-mails, etc) on the device
  • Wireless music sync

This will also be the first Blackberry to come with App World 2.0, which is currently in beta.

A look at the Blackberry 6 OS.  No official release date as of this post.

I hope this new Blackberry will encourage more people to create apps.  Blackberry is seriously lacking in good apps (heck, they don’t even have one for YouTube!  I have to use a third party app (like iTookThisOnMyPhone) to upload videos filmed on my Blackberry. And the Facebook app for Blackberry isn’t that great, either).  If they are serious about getting non-business users, they need to improve in this NOW!