Rosedale Diner: Not Your Typical Burger Joint

You know you’re in Rosedale when you see an item on the menu for $117.  At a diner.  OK, it’s not likely anyone has ever ordered the so-called Gourmet Package and the only reason why it’s that pricey is because of the Veuve Cliquot (the actual dish is $17).  Besides, the restaurant is closer to the Summerhill area than Rosedale proper.  Whatever.  It’s still called the Rosedale Diner.

At my most recent visit, I ordered chicken dijonaise, which comes with frites (can change to garlic frites) and French beans.  Though the chicken itself was okay, they could have eased on the sauce. It was a little too much. In fact any more, and I would have broken the daily sodium intake twice over.  

I had always liked the Rosedale Diner’s quirkiness.  It’s a little retro looking inside in terms of decor, always featuring artists’ work (right now, they are showing a series of nautical-themed paintings.  One of my favourites was from a few years ago, featuring cigarette girls from old Shanghai).  Menu items tend to be very interesting as well.  Though there are your typical diner offerings (they even have a completely separate menu featuring burgers including specialized itmes like lamb and bison), the restaurant also has items one might find at a non-diner, such as fatoush (a middle eastern salad), duck and calamari.  In addition to interior seating, they also have a patio at the back.  The Rosedale Diner is located on 1164 Yonge Street.