Organic, Vegan and FAST!

There’s a small restaurant on Hayden Street which serves organic vegan foods.  Open only during the work week, Camros is one of the few non-sitdown vegan-only restaurants in the city.  At my first ever visit there, I had their three item combo ($10.39 plus tax – can also choose from two or four items) which consisted of millet salad, a green salad and “green patties.”  The green patties were made out of leeks, rice, potatoes, parsley and several other ingredients.  This was the first non-Asian, fast vegan meal I’ve ever had, and I must say that it was quite delicious.  The best has GOT to be the salad dressing I had.  It was made with olive oil and lemon juice, which gave the salad a bit of a Mediterranean taste.

The restaurant does use real cutlery if you are dining in. Take-out foods are in 100% biodegradable containers. It is decorated simply, and is probably more comparable to fastish food joints like Cultures and Michel’s Baguette, since diners can pick and choose from the counter.  Camros is also decorated simply and the lighting is practically all natural.  In addition to the combos, there are salads, stews as well as a juice bar.  Prices are higher than average in the area, but keep in mind that the foods are organic.  This is definitely a restaurant that I’d recommend, even for those who are not vegetarian or vegan.  You will NOT miss meat there.

Camros Eatery is located on 25 Hayden Street, which is just south of Bloor and east of Yonge.  You can also follow them on Twitter.