Prospere Magazine made its debut online on January 8, 2008. Following its initial three months, the magazine moved from a monthly to a weekly publication. Prospere Magazine makes content updates daily, including exciting company profiles, designer profiles and regular polls. 

Prospere Magazine recently rebranded and launched its new site in May 2009 with new features and initiatives. This includes an etiquette column as well as exclusive celebrity interviews and feature articles about high-profile career women from around the globe. Prospere Magazine is also moving from a regionally-based e-zine to cover events in North  America and eventually the rest of the world.

With Prospere Magazine, be “in the know” about the latest events, fashion trends, home décor and entertainment! It offers exclusive articles, tips and contests for the smart, sexy and sophisticated woman. 

What makes us different from other publications:

Not only is Prospere Magazine an online publication, providing an opportunity for readers to interact through responses to articles, but its dual focus on both lifestyle and career allows it to stand apart from other publications. Most lifestyle publications target a slightly older audience, or alternatively target younger women and focus mostly on beauty/fashion trends.  The majority of business publications are male-centric. Prospere Magazine fills the gap and offers interesting lifestyle features for professional women in their mid twenties to forties.

When it comes to fashion/beauty, Prospere Magazine likes to profile up-and-coming designers. Designers, which have been in Prospere Magazine, include Cindy Mathieu of Sodaliscious, Fernanda Carneiro (Fernanda Carneiro Designs), Barney’s Bling and Allison Izu.

Professionals Prospere Magazine has spoken with include photographer Caitlin Cronenberg, television personality Julie Daniluk as well as philanthropists like Deborah McCracken.

Prospere Magazine Target Demographics:

Prospere Magazine targets well-educated, professional women, ages 25-40 that seek and secure prosperity.

Current Prospere Magazine Readers: * info from Google Analytics

• 90% are female and in their 20s and 30s. Most are from Canada or the US*
• Top operating systems/browsers: Windows/Internet Explorer (51.21%), Windows/Firefox (29.51%), Safari/Mac (7.97%)*
• College/University educated (a variety of different majors, including business, fine arts, humanities, sciences, etc)
• Prospere Magazine readers are tech-savvy and 90% use social networking sites
• They are online shoppers, but most purchase books/music.
• 50% keep their own blog
• More than half are married
• Italian, Chinese and Japanese seem to be the top choices for cuisine

About the Prospere Magazine logo:

Our logo is a city skyline with the name, Prospere Magazine, in “1920s” font.  The 1920s and the years leading up to it was a time of change, especially for women.  For example, in the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote in the United States, was passed (Canadian Parliament passed a bill giving the women voting rights in 1918).  Here in Canada,  the Famous Five went to Britain to declare women “persons” so they can be appointed to the Senate.  In China, foot binding had ended only the decade before.  Whether it was the right to vote, being declared a “person” or allowing one’s foot to grow naturally (and therefore able to walk properly), the 1920s, for many, marked the beginning of the modern, prosperous woman.

Prospere Magazine is based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. When not blogging or at her downtown job, Cynthia writes. She published her first novel, Aspirations, last year. Aspirations, a novel about young women fresh out of university, is available for sale online including Amazon, Chapters/Indigo and Barnes and Noble.

More information about Prospere Magazine, including an editorial calendar, media information, etc… can be found in our media information kit.