Career Tips from Kathleen: Taking Inventory

Kathleen Garces After 13 years of working as an accountant for a prestigious company, my friend Jane was laid off.  Although she knew that the company was downsizing, she never expected it to happen to her.  While shocked, she reacted with a sense of relief and was even a bit giddy at the thought of […]

Julie Daniluk: Health Guru, Television Host, Photographer and more!

Nutritionist Julie Daniluk’s new television show, Healthy Gourmet (premiered on July 4 and airs Saturdays at 7:30 on VIVA (repeats Sundays at the same time)) has always had an interest in health.  Growing up, she had food intolerances, and her mother removed food items with artificial additives from her diet.  This meant that Julie often […]

Karen Mager: From Working Away from Home to Working At Home

Karen Mager, a retired corporate executive is known to “reinvent” herself every 10 years.  She has worked in a variety of industries, including a freight and courier company which she started herself in 1983.  The company started out with one car in one town and by the time it was sold 11 years later, it […]

Part Ten: Who’s Your Buddy? Social Networking and Personal Branding

Kyle Bernstein Social networking sites like FaceBook and MySpace are a great way to catch up with long lost pals and show the world what you’re up to.  They’re a fun distraction when you need to break away from the grind, and a bit of entertainment when you’re on hold with a client, or stuck […]

Aime Luxury: To Love Oneself and to Love Life

  Designer Monica Mei of Aime Luxury utilized her background in fashion (Bachelor of Design, Ryerson University) and business (BBA, University of Toronto) to make her brand successful.  Originally intending to become a dentist, she eventually gravitated towards business, with a minor in fine art, and then to fashion.  Taking five years to complete her degrees full time at […]

Bohemian’s the Thing for Sarah Shell of 442 McAdam

Bag designer, Sarah Shell of 442 McAdam (pronounced four-four-two and based on her grandparents’ address) did not originally study fashion.  In fact, her undergraduate degree from McGill University in Montreal, is in biology.  After undergrad, Sarah left for New York to go to fashion school at Parsons.  Post-Parsons, Sarah worked in men’s fashion for Club Monaco and was […]

Once a Schmuck, Twice a Pervert; OR Keeping Your Job AND Your Dignity

Kyle Bernstein As humans in the world, interacting with other humans, it’s normal to sometimes feel like a “schmuck”.  Maybe you misspoke or inadvertently insulted someone or did something you’re not proud of to get your way and you feel like crap afterward.  Maybe it was PMS, deadline stress, or one too many Cosmos at […]

What’s ‘Professional’? Work, Fashion and Appropriate Dress

Kyle Bernstein Judging by the crowds on the L train, it appears to be casual Friday every day.  Extremely casual.  We’ll give the benefit of the doubt here and assume that some of these folks are on vacation and every one of those decided to go to the beach – on 8th Avenue in Manhattan, […]

Cynthia’s Thoughts: Paying for Internships?

Many students take unpaid internships in the summer months, either as a requirement for their coursework or because they want the experience.  Generally, students look for the internship themselves or they’re matched through the school.  However, I recently heard on the radio that people were actually bidding for internship positions at auction, with proceeds going […]

Branding: It’s About Communication Between you and the World

Faith Seekings photo credit: Mr Wabu Brand is the emotional connection between a company and its clients. More than just a logo, brand is reflected in everything you do, across every mode of communication. Consider one of Canada’s most successful brands, Tim Horton’s[1], a brand that immediately conjures up emotional connections about what it means […]