Mistakes Working Women Make, Finale

Not making conscious choices! Ever notice yourself driving from one destination to another without knowing how you got there?  Ever get on the bus or subway and get so preoccupied with your thoughts and miss your stop?  This is an example of living life unconsciously.  We are focusing so much on either the past or […]

Fashionably Savvy Naturally Petite

Cynthia Cheng I recently had the opportunity to speak with Sharon (5’0″), Bonita (5’1″)and Cheryl-Anne (5’3″), three sisters who run Naturally Petite, a store in Richmond Hill, Ontario which specializes in the petite woman 5’4″ or shorter and between a size 0 and 18.  The sisters actually do not come from a fashion background – prior to opening the […]

Mistakes Working Women Make (formerly Seven Critical Mistakes Working Women Make)

Iris Benrubi Not challenging the images, expectations and role models society gives you! As I mentioned in the introduction, we are bombarded with messages that tell us how we should live and look, and what we should do and own in order to be happy.  We make a big mistake when we ‘buy’ the message […]

En Course to a Successful Business

Cynthia Cheng Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Ellen Smith, a consulting/coaching expert who runs a company called En Course, a business consulting firm.   Prior to launching her business, Ellen worked in marketing and communications.  Then, in November 2005, she felt that it was time for a change.  Just months later, […]

Balmshell: Twin Success With Multifunction Gloss

Webitor’s Note:  For the upcoming holiday season, Prospere Magazine is looking at neat gift ideas beyond just fashion and accessories. 10 lipgloss shades from Balmshell Toronto is known to be the birthplace of many cosmetics lines, including MAC and Cargo, both of which have gone on to be celeb-favourites.  But over the last couple of […]

Dig Yourself – Because Being You Shouldn’t be a Part Time Job

Kyle Bernstein You have a great job with good pay and excellent benefits. You’ve worked hard to get here and you deserve this. You give 110% to your company, have become an expert in your field, participate in company-sponsored events and charities and volunteer in your free time. You are truly living your career. But […]

Daryn Kagan and Debbie Travis are Their Own Bosses

Ladies Who Launch, an organization which provides resources for women to start their own businesses, held its Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) event on Saturday, October 4. This was an event where women who have businesses or are planning to start their own businesses could network with others like-minded people. In addition to networking, participants […]

Seven Critical Mistakes Working Women Make, Part I

Iris Benrubi Recently Lisa, a coaching client said to me: “Iris, they lied to me. They said I could have it all. They said I could have my family, work outside the home and be able to take care of it all. They lied.” If you are like most women, you feel the pressure of […]

Prospere Magazine EXTRA: Interview with Allison Izu Song of Allisonizu

Like many petite women, Allison Izu Song, 5’2″ was frustrated at how clothes fit her. However, as a fashion designer, Allison was able to not only hem her clothes, but also alter it in a way that it would resemble her silhouette. She also realized that other petite women were having similar issues with fit […]

Meredith “Lady Lamb” Mainguy of Shimu Shai

Cynthia Cheng Shimu Shai, a spa located in Corktown, just north of Toronto’s Distillery District area is run by Meredith “Lady Lamb” Mainguy. Lady Lamb came up with the name because of its “soft, soothing sound” a name that sounded like a puppy. The name also reflected the spa’s philosophy of wholesome, country freshness. Most […]