Deb McGrath: From Class Clown to Canadian Comedy Star

Deb McGrath, an actor born and raised in Toronto has been in the Canadian television and theatre scene for a number of years.  Sometimes seen working with her husband, Colin Mochrie (projects include Getting Along Fabulously, a short-lived television show for the CBC which they conceived, developed and starred in), she is currently best known as Mayor […]

Poll Thought Susan Boyle Would Do Well in BGT

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked its readers whether they thought Susan Boyle could go all the way.  Most readers thought she would go all the way (at 33.1%) and another 31.6% thought she COULD (but there’s a lot of competition).  26.3% of you said that it’s pure luck that she made it to the finals, […]

Grey Gardens: A Reflection of How Women’s Expectations Have Changed

Last weekend, I saw the premier of the HBO TV movie, Grey Gardens.  This is a fictionalized account of the Edie Beales, a mother (“Big Edie,” played in the movie by Jessica Lange) and daughter (“Little Edie,” played by Drew Barrymore), who went from high society New York to living in a house that was […]

Cynthia’s Thoughts: Getting Nostalgic With Being Erica

Being Erica, a Canadian dramady about a 32 year old woman, Erica Strange, premiered in Canada on CBC this week (it will be on Soapnet in the US later this year).  Erica is university-educated and attractive. Yet, she feels that she isn’t where she’s supposed to be in life.  When she was younger, she thought that by the time […]

Cynthia’s Thoughts: The New 90210 – Good or Bad? Hard to say

On Tuesday, Setpember 2, the new generation of 90210 premiered on CW and Global. I have to admit that as a fan of the ORIGINAL SHOW, I am not too sure about the new series. First off, the theme song. Meh. They should have done something completely different. I do not like the new arrangement. […]

Sex is Back in the City*

T U Dawood It’s been four long years since the iconic HBO television show Sex And The City went off the air in 2004, but our favourite New York quartet of femme fatales living the high-flying life is back, this time on the silver screen. Women around the world saw bits of themselves in these […]

Sex and the Swinging 70s

Cynthia Cheng Swingtown, a show that takes a look at the sexy secrets behind the otherwise perfect-on-the-outside suburbia of the 1970s, premieres tonight (10/9 c) on Global (Canada) and CBS. The show focuses on two couples, the Millers and the Deckers. Bruce Miller (Jack Davenport) and his wife, Susan (Molly Parker) have moved to a […]

The Day is HERE: SATC Opens TODAY!

Well, I’ve been waiting for this for AGES. While I can’t make it to the theatre tonight, or this weekend for that matter, I am definitely going to see Sex and the City: The Movie. For those of us who love the show and watched it first-run, it’s been more than four years since we […]

Harry Goldenblatt and Steve Brady: The Unideal Ideal Husbands of SATC?

Cynthia Cheng When Sex and the City made its debut on television 10 years ago, nobody thought that Charlotte and Miranda would end up marrying their respective husbands. Harry Goldenblatt and Steve Brady just didn’t “fit” with what women like Charlotte and Miranda wanted. However, the women still found that there was something about them […]

Prospere EXTRA: Carrie and Big – Not a Relationship of Equals

Cynthia Cheng It’s hard to believe that Sex and the City: The Movie will open in theatres two weeks from today. It’s been four years since we last saw “the girls.” The plot has pretty much been kept hush-hush since filming last fall, but blogs have been going crazy about the movie’s storylines since the […]