Majestic Mountains: Red Mountain Resort & Spa

Lynn Burshtein If happiness were a colour, it would be the colour of Red Mountain – more specifically the russet-hued rocks located in St. George, Utah on the northeastern tip of the Mojave Desert. Its epic scenery surely makes this one of the more picturesque places on earth. Indeed, it is as if the area […]

The Arnold Party: Celebrating Business Contribution to the Arts

T.U. Dawood The Arnold Party, which is the after party to the Business for the Arts Awards, was held on October 29 at the newly unveiled Walker Court at the Art Gallery of Ontario.  This year’s recipient of the Arnold Edinborough Award for young professional who has contributed significantly as a volunteer in the arts […]

CityEvents Celebrates Halloween at the Gardiner

T.U. Dawood CityEvents had a jammin’ dance party on All Hollows Eve.  Titled Hollywood Glam Halloween Soiree and held at the fabulous Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner Museum, the night brought out a guest list of over 300 high profile celebrities, television personalities and movie stars. Partygoers were in a cheerful mood and many went […]

Mad Men: A New Beginning? (SPOILER ALERT!)

Cynthia Cheng The third season finale of Mad Men was definitely a great way to end the year.  It’s like a close of something old, and an opening of something new.  The timeline is December, 1963, just weeks after JFK’s death, and we are finding that Sterling Cooper and its parent company, PPL, are being […]

Keep Your Wrist Vibrating with inPulse

Cynthia Cheng A new Blackberry accessory will be entering the market in early 2010.  Created by Eric Muguowski, an alumnus of the University of Waterloo in Ontario (and home of Research in Motion) under the company, Allerta, this bluetooth watch connects with one’s Blackberry so that wearers can see who has emailed or texted them […]

How to be a Concrete Princess: Making Industrial-Chic Work for You

Kelly Ward Brushed concrete, stainless steel, exposed duct work. What used to be the hallmarks of a construction site are now hot design elements in many urban lofts and condos. But rock and metal don’t exactly scream warm and cozy. So, how do you strike the delicate balance of keeping your space industrial-chic but also […]

Plus Size Model Search, Part II

Last issue, Prospere Magazine caught up with five of the finalists from the Plus Size Model Search.  Here are four more finalists, including the winner, Brittney Fisher.  NOTE:  Not all finalists chose to participate. Brittney Fisher of Vernon, BC – WINNER: Brittney has had a great deal of press since winning the search.  She has […]

Designer Burgers Are Not Made Equal

Cynthia Cheng “Designer” burgers – that is, more expensive fast food joints serving traditional fare, have been popping up all over Toronto and other parts of Canada in the past few years.  One of the latest additions to the market is South Street Burger, currently with several locations in the GTA and one in Calgary.  It […]

The Mane Event Does Hair for Charity

Cynthia Cheng Lemonade made by elementary school aged boys The 12th annual Mane Event was held at two downtown (Solo Base in Yorkville and Lift Salon and Spa at Yonge and Adelaide) salons on Sunday, October 25.  The event, which was founded by Steve Roy 12 years ago, is to benefit Teresa Group, an organization which helps children affected […]

Mind Your Manners: Don't Be Late!

Kyle Bernstein At a large cocktail party, arriving one hour after the time stated on the invite is considered “fashionably late”.  Turn up twenty minutes past the prearranged time of a doctor’s appointment, though, and you’re likely to lose your spot and may still be asked to fork over the co-pay.  There are occasions when […]