International Cuisine: Denmark

Logan Niles While driving cross country from Germany to Jutland, Denmark  it’s hard to imagine that pork is the main stay of the Danish diet. With nary a pig in sight amidst the wild lilac bushes, horse pastures, Lego Land and the constant whirl of electricity producing windmills, Denmark leads the industry in green wind […]

The Eatery: Where Creativity and Sushi Meet

Simon Miller Sit in the Eatery and try not to stare at everything around you.  From the six foot long papier-mâché shark, octopus, and super hero hanging from the ceiling, to the hiply dressed servers, to the interesting food being served to the table beside you, everything is unique. 

Swellwomen Surfing & Yoga Retreat

Lynn Burshtein The word “swell” can refer to an ocean wave generated from a distant source, or, in more common parlance, a description of something fantastic. For Me-Shell Mijangos, founder of the Maui-based surfing & yoga retreat, Swellwomen (along with its co-ed counterparts, Swell Co-ed), the dual meanings of the word complement one another. A […]

Cynthia's Thoughts on Flying

Blair Fraser’s article on flying has got me thinking about trips.  I’ve flown quite a bit, and on all sorts of airlines.  Flying these days is nothing like that of the past.  I wasn’t around when flying was considered a luxury, when people actually dressed up before they hopped on a plane, but there have […]

Vacation Tips, Part I: A Reminder About Flying

Blair Fraser Summer is the perfect time for rest and relaxation. But getting to your vacation spot can leave you feeling anything but relaxed, here are some tips for enjoying your vacation to the fullest. While many of us have flown before, here are a few tips and reminders about flying:

Shang: East Meets West in Manhattan

Cynthia Cheng   Beijing style cucumber salad Many Torontonians were saddened when chef, Susur Lee left the city to open Shang in Manhattan.  The restaurant, which opened recently, is like Lee’s Toronto restaurant, fusion.  However, unlike Susur, which leaned more towards western food, Shang is most definitely more Chinese/eastern-focused, in name, ambiance and food.

Medieval Portugal VI: Mosterio da Batalha and Mosterio da Santa Ana

K. Lau Webitor’s Note: In this final installment of Medieval Portugal, we take a look at two of Portugual’s monasteries which date back to the 1100s. Mosteiro de Batalha, Leiria In 1385, Joao I, facing the stronger Spanish forces in the battle of Aljubarrota, made a vow to build a superb church in honour of […]

Medieval Portugal V: Evora

K. Lau As the largest city of Alentejo in the south of Portugal, Evora, with its medieval characters, is the best preserved city visited during our study tour. Evora has been a walled city since Roman times. Traces of the 1st century Roman wall, reinforced by the Visigoths in the 7th century, can still be […]

Vegas: It's not just for gambling

Over the Family Day long weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Las Vegas.  When many people hear about Vegas, they think gambling.  They think Ocean’s Eleven (or Twelve or Thirteen).  They think cheesy acts like Donny and Marie.  But that’s not what Las Vegas is all about.  There are other points of […]

Medieval Portugal IV : Tomar

K. Lau Tomar stretches along the banks of the Nabao, at the foot of a hill dominated by a fortified castle built in 1160 by Gualdim Pais, first Grand Master of the Order of the Knights Templars of Portugal. Though the border between Christian and Moorish territories passed through Tomar, the city had taken more […]