Enjoy Labour Day with Potato Salad and Corn!

Logan Niles Labour Day speaks to true Summertime fare with BBQ, salads and sweet summer corn. Below you find some simple and fun ideas and the freedom to create your own dishes. Nothing too complex just enjoyable guidelines to help keep the work in the kitchen light and the long weekend relaxed.   Potato Salads […]

Recipe: Baby Roma Tomatoes with Herb Ricotta

Logan Niles These easy to make and beautiful gems combine fresh flavors to make a classic hor d’oeuvre or plated starter. Ripe Roma tomatoes, fresh herbs and a simple, homemade ricotta cheese recipe makes for a flavor explosion that sings of Summer patios, crisp white wines and the company of family and friends. This recipe […]

Minding Your Manners

Kyle Bernstein Perhaps the mere sound of the word suggests elitism, elegance, and maybe even antiquity.  However, “etiquette” is simply another word for manners and it applies to all of us.  Webster’s New World Dictionary describes minding your manners as “observing proper behavior in social situations”.  Of course, what can be construed as “proper” may […]

Luscious Budge-Proof Lipcolour

Ying Hsu I have been on the hunt for the perfect long-lasting lipcolour and I have recently discovered a beauty treasure — Pro Longwear Lustre from MAC and it certainly does what it claims!!! It is a simple two step process. To my utter joy, there is no rocket science involved. First I applied the […]

Career Tips from Kathleen: Taking Inventory

Kathleen Garces After 13 years of working as an accountant for a prestigious company, my friend Jane was laid off.  Although she knew that the company was downsizing, she never expected it to happen to her.  While shocked, she reacted with a sense of relief and was even a bit giddy at the thought of […]

Pick your pleasure, pick your fun

Logan Niles When I go grocery shopping I’m pretty picky, I turn containers over, sniff fruit, hold olive oil up for inspection, thump melons and gaze into the eyes of aquatic life on display. As a “city girl” growing up in a car-less household the thought of going to pick seasonal produce at “local” farms […]

Please Conceal This!

Ying Hsu Are you suffering from dark circles under the eyes?  Either not enough sleep or you cursed for genetic dark shadows from Mom or Dad?  One day you look into the mirror and you just noticed this huge red volcano of a pimple.  Where did it come from?  You have a hot date tomorrow […]

International Cuisine: Denmark

Logan Niles While driving cross country from Germany to Jutland, Denmark  it’s hard to imagine that pork is the main stay of the Danish diet. With nary a pig in sight amidst the wild lilac bushes, horse pastures, Lego Land and the constant whirl of electricity producing windmills, Denmark leads the industry in green wind […]

Sunblock Must-Have for Spring/Summer

Ying Hsu Hooray ladies, spring has finally arrived!  And soon it will be summer, where we will enjoy the sun and warmer weather. I am a total fan of Clinique City Block Sheer Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 25.  It is hard to find something that is not-irritating for the face. Non-greasy, non- smelly, oil-free […]

Coming Soon: Career Prosperity

What do I need to do to get my dream job or promotion?  Especially in this economy, things are as tough as ever.  JK, who has worked in the recruitment and training industries is here to answer any questions you may have regarding career advancement, including the dos and don’ts at interviews, best practices to […]