Lingerie: Harder for Big Gals or Small Gals?

With the launch of AAA size cups at Lula Lu Lingerie, Prospere Magazine would like to ask readers: [poll id=”132]

G20 Protesters Crazy and Improper

Peaceful protesters on Friday, June 20 The G20 summit has started in Toronto, and I am very glad to be NORTH of all the action.  Things are rather quiet (unusually quiet, actually) where I’m writing, but that is definitely NOT the case further south.  As of 4 pm, cop cars have been burnt (in the […]

Crazy Anti-Immigration Dude in Downtown TO

Last week, I came across a man on the corner of Yonge and Bloor.  He was wearing a huge sign which said “Imigration Violates My Human Rights.”  Yes, he spelled “immigration” incorrectly.  The guy didn’t look all that educated, and was, for the most part, ignored.  A woman did approach him, but soon stomped away.  […]

Sophistication Only Valid When Honest: Poll

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked you whether you thought good polish and sophistication was important for politicians and would-be politicians (considering that Rob Ford, one of the LEAST well-bred politicians (or at least gives off the vibe as such) is running for Mayor of Toronto).  Though no one (sadly) said that it was extremely important, half did say […]

The Use of Non-Models as Models: Good Idea?

Answering to a Facebook poster’s request to see an item on different body types, LOFT recently posted pictures of its employees wearing the same style of cargo pants.  The employees, which varied on body type and height led to a burst of posts online.  Therefore, this week, we are asking you: [poll id=”131″]

Not Soccer Fans!

I am a little surprise that half of you said that you aren’t soccer fans at all. I thought that there’d be fewer (though I have to admit that I don’t really watch it myself).  On the other hand, 16.7% each said that you’d be watching it because you are major fans or that you […]

'Good Polish' Important for Politicians?

With Rob Ford, who is generally perceived by the public as being unsophisticated and lacking decorum, now catching up in the polls in the Toronto elections, we at Prospere  Magazine  are asking readers: [poll id=”130″]

Ford Ahead in Polls: Get Ready for an Unpolished, Unsophisticated TO

According to the Globe and Mail, Toronto mayoralty candidate, Rob Ford, has passed George Smitherman in the polls.  To many, this is very scary as to them, Ford is not exactly the “ideal” candidate.  He has been caught saying things that he shouldn’t be saying, and also does not give off the vibe as being […]

Once a Name, Always that Name

I am surprised! I had thought that there’d be slightly more people who said they were changing their name. But no, 50% of you said you didn’t (despite culture), while only 16.7% each said that you either changed your name or added it on to your name at birth.  I was also surprised that no […]

World Cup Starts This Week: Will You Be Watching?

This one’s for the soccer fans and those who’re not…it’s related to the World Cup… [poll id=”129″]