'Good Polish' Important for Politicians?

With Rob Ford, who is generally perceived by the public as being unsophisticated and lacking decorum, now catching up in the polls in the Toronto elections, we at Prospere  Magazine  are asking readers: [poll id=”130″]

Love You Jez, But You Don't Always 'Get It' Re: Diversity

Cynthia Cheng I’m a regular reader of Jezebel.  I love commenting on celebrities as well as controversial issues, but sometimes, I feel that the typical reader there doesn’t quite “get it.”  Or at least, they don’t “get” me.  Especially when it comes to ethnicity.  Like most American-based message boards, race and ethnicity usually means black […]

Toronto Mayor Candidate Proposes Subways

Cynthia Cheng Sarah Thomson, candidate for Toronto’s top job in the municipal elections this fall, held a press conference at the Fox and Fiddle this morning, announcing her transit ideas if she became mayor.  Ms. Thomson believes in subways.  With the climate that Toronto has, streetcars/Light Rail Transit (LRT)  just doesn’t work.  And not to […]

Doesn't Ottawa Have Anything Better to Do?

Cynthia Cheng They want to change the lyrics of O Canada, claiming that “in all thy sons command” is sexist.  Honestly, I can’t believe Ottawa would even suggest changing such a thing.  This is not a “real” issue that needs to be dealt with right away.  It’s just words.  It’s not an official document that […]

Textbook Wikis: The Best Thing for Right Winged and other Radical Profs?

Cynthia Cheng This New York Times article says Macmillan is introducing a new program called DynamicPress, a system which allows instructors (or anyone who can log in, anyway) to alter textbooks without the need to get permission from publishers and authors.  Tiis means that professors can not only insert their own material, but also CHANGE […]

Adam Giambrone Quits!

Amid all the scandal, current TTC chair and 2010 mayoralty candidate for Toronto has decided to step down from the race.  After a revelation that he was in a relationship 19 year old woman last year (while at the same time, having a live-in girlfriend), at least one other has stepped up saying that she […]

Opinion: Good Transit Vital for a Sophisticated City

Prospere Magazine webitor-in-chief, Cynthia Cheng believes that so far, none of the major mayoralty candidates are giving off a vibe that they believe the city needs to be better polished.  Maybe they just aren’t interested in being sophisticated?

Statscan Definition of 'Mother Tongue' Used to Inflate Numbers?

Cynthia Cheng Statistic Canada (Statscan) defines “mother tongue” as “first language learned at home.”  But is it accurate? Or, are they trying to inflate the number of Canadians who speak a non-official (English or French) language?  Why am I asking this?  Because plenty of people who learned an ancestral language prior to starting school grow up not […]

Adam Giambrone Delcares That He is 'Ready' on YouTube

He’s kidding, right? If Adam Giambrone wants to be mayor, he really needs to lay off the humour. Honestly, I can’t see anyone taking him seriously with a video like this. I realize that he might very well be trying to appeal to younger voters (and yes, young people do need to go out to […]

Creation vs Evolution: Keeping Education Back?

Cynthia Cheng Earlier this week, the New York Times published an article about John Freshwater, a middle school science teacher in Mount Vernon, Ohio who was not only teaching creationism in class, but branded two kids with a cross.  Yes, that’s right, the man burned crosses on his students.  The board had intended to fire him, but he asked […]