Prospere Readers Unable to Comment on the Tiger SNL Skit

It seems that many of you (at 41%) not watch Saturday Night Live on the evening they showed the Tiger Woods skit that many considered inappropriate.   Some of you were okay (25%) with it, considering that SNL makes fun of everything; 8.3% thought it was inappropriate (considering that Rihanna was on the show as well) […]

Tiger Should Have Been Left Alone

…if he wasn’t famous, no one would be talking – that’s what 40% of you believe.  20% believe that Tiger should have said something, just to stop media hounding.  Another 20% believed that he should have spoken with the  cops (earlier on).  6.6% aren’t sure what he should have done – only that it’s a […]

Half Believe Oprah Will Start New Network, as Announced

Results are in!  50% believe that Oprah will, after next season, start her own network as announced (as well as concentrate on her other projects).  16.7% of you think she will “pull a Leno” and actually start another version of her show and 33.3% do not know who Oprah is. What do you think of […]

Holiday Season Starts, Yet So Much to Do!

We aren’t that surprised with this week’s results.  70% of you have not even started shopping, though 20% are nearly finished and 10% have started, but aren’t close to finishing. Where are you at?  Have you started?

Favourite Sesame Street Characters Vary!

To celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary,  Prospere Magazine asked its readers which Sesame Street character they liked the most growing up.  Surprisingly, Big Bird wasn’t everyone’s favourite – he came in at 12.5%.  We had thought he’d be on top.  The Count and Grover also came in at 12.5%.  Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie and […]

Dinner Parties Rule, Crazy Parties Drool!

OK, enough with the crazy teenage behaviour now.  Yes, you readers have decided – the overwhelming majority of you, at 87.8%, prefer nice, quiet dinner parties.  There were some of you (at 9.8%), however, who said that whether they’d prefer dinner parties would depend on their dining partners.  If they’re boring, then it’s no fun.  […]

Christmas in October? It's TOO EARLY!

  Last week, Prospere Magazine asked readers what they thought of the Christmas/holiday-related decorations stores put up BEFORE Halloween.  Half of Prospere Magazine’s readers who participated (at exactly 50%), believe that any time before November 1 is much too early.  30% believe that earlier is okay – as long as it’s not too early (e.g. August).  […]

Peace Prize for Obama: Over 73% Don't Think He's Ready

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked its readers whether they thought that US President deserved the Nobel Peace Prize.  Over 73% of our readers (at 73.7%), thought that he hasn’t done enough in his Presidency to get one.  10.5% thought that he did deserve it and 15.8% were indifferent.  What do you think of the results?

Dave Poll: People Will Tune In!

Last week, we asked you whether you thought the current David Letterman scandal will hurt his ratings.  Over 45% of you (at 45.5%) felt that more people will tune in to see what he has to say.   18.2% of you feel that ratings will drop because people DON’T like sleazy talk how hosts while 9.1% of […]

Cellphones and Theatres: People Should Know!

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked: In a recent live performance, actor Hugh Jackman broke character to tell an audience member to turn off a ringing cell phone. Should theatres automatically block phone reception? 42.3% of those who replied said that theatre-goers should know that cellphones need to be off/on vibrate during a performance.  It’s simple […]