Half Believe Physical Size More Important

We are not surprised here.  50% of you thought that seeing models who are relatively the same size as yourself is more important than one of the same or similar ethnicity.  After all, how are you supposed to know what an outfit looks like on you if the model was a completely different size? 21.6% […]

Ethnicity, Size, Both or None? What's Most Important to you in Advertising?

There are lots of people who believe that models who “look like them” are more likely to persuade them to purchase items than ones who do not.  In other words, for many minorities, they are more likely to purchase items (or clothing, in this case) if models look like them, ethnically.  Others feel that ethnicity […]

Poll: 5'10" model wearing pants designed for 5'3" = False Advertising?

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Mad Men: A New Beginning? (SPOILER ALERT!)

Cynthia Cheng The third season finale of Mad Men was definitely a great way to end the year.  It’s like a close of something old, and an opening of something new.  The timeline is December, 1963, just weeks after JFK’s death, and we are finding that Sterling Cooper and its parent company, PPL, are being […]

Dave Poll: People Will Tune In!

Last week, we asked you whether you thought the current David Letterman scandal will hurt his ratings.  Over 45% of you (at 45.5%) felt that more people will tune in to see what he has to say.   18.2% of you feel that ratings will drop because people DON’T like sleazy talk how hosts while 9.1% of […]

Letterman and Ratings: Will it go UP or DOWN?

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Poll Results: Sites and Blogs Important!

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked readers what type of online presence was most important for a new business.  Though few people took part last week, it seems that most of you agree that either a blog or full-out website, complete with social media and advertising are important (both at 42.9%). No one felt that word-of-mouth first, traditional sites […]

Mad Men, Twenty-First Century Style

Cynthia Cheng Mad Men’s third season premiered on Sunday.  The show has certainly brought a surge in popularity with early 1960s styles – even Banana Republic ran a contest with AMC and Mad Men where fans got a chance to win a walk-on role by submitting their best “Mad Men” looks. Seeing that, Prospere Magazine […]

Mad Men Premiere: Will You Be Watching?

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Cynthia's Thoughts: Traditional Print Magazines on Life Support?

Advertising for US Vogue has dropped significantly this year.  Many teen magazines have shut down.  Wish, Canada’s five-year-old lifestyle magazine for young, professional women recently announced that they would end their print run with their Winter 2008/2009 edition.  Is this signalling that print is on life support, at least for lifestyle and fashion publications?