Tiger Will Come Back This Year: Poll

The results are in. Half of you believe that Tiger will be back in time for the Masters this year, while 16.7% of you believe that he will be back later this year. Another 16.7% think he won’t be coming back to golf until next year and yet another 16.7% don’t think he’s coming back, […]

When is Tiger Comin back to Golf?

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Adam Giambrone Quits!

Amid all the scandal, current TTC chair and 2010 mayoralty candidate for Toronto has decided to step down from the race.  After a revelation that he was in a relationship 19 year old woman last year (while at the same time, having a live-in girlfriend), at least one other has stepped up saying that she […]

Tiger Should Have Been Left Alone

…if he wasn’t famous, no one would be talking – that’s what 40% of you believe.  20% believe that Tiger should have said something, just to stop media hounding.  Another 20% believed that he should have spoken with the  cops (earlier on).  6.6% aren’t sure what he should have done – only that it’s a […]