Poll: Classical Music and Education

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Operanation 6: February 26, 2010

The Canadian Opera Company’s Operanation 6, its annual fundraising bash, was held at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts on February 26, 2010.  In addition to performances and great music, a TV was set up for people to watch the Canada-Slovakia game (Canada won 3-2).  A full article with more pictures will go live […]

Popular Entertainment and the Unintelligent

Hollywood seems to cater to those who would prefer unintelligent entertainment.  The movies which do well at the box office tend to be those with what I like to call the “crash, bang, boom” effect or part of franchises (which often have said effect) rather than those which tend to be thought provoking or have more of an […]

Caitlin Cronenberg Turns Photography Hobby to a Career

Caitlin Cronenberg, daughter of famed director, David Cronenberg has definitely made a name for herself as a photographer.  Photography, along with fashion, has been Caitlin’s passion since she was very young.  In fact, during the summer she was 13, she shot a roll of film each day.

Coming Wednesday: Profile of Photographer, Caitlin Cronenberg

Our weekly professional profile this week will be Caitlin Cronenberg, a Toronto-based photographer, who has had a variety of projects and exhibits, including one at the recent Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week.  Coming this Wednesday!

Alternative Fashion Week

Here are some highlights from various shows at Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week.  The event, which is being held at the Distillery District closes Friday, April 24.

Poll Results: Business and Working Moms

Last week Prospere Magazine asked its readers what types of posts they’d like to see in Prospere Magazine.  By far, business and working mom-related pieces (tied, at close to 43%) outnumbered other choices.  Arts-related reviews (concerts, theatre, exhibitions, etc…) came in a distant second, at 14.3%.  Would you agree with these results?  This week, we are asking:  […]

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Cynthia's Thoughts on Arts Funding

Recently, Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper remarked that the arts were a “niche issue.” Some $45 million have been cut from funding and he even went as far as saying that “ordinary folks don’t care about the arts.” Oh really? The arts aren’t just about gallery openings, galas and symphonies. It is much more than […]