Hue’s Kitchen Brings Pan-Asian Delights

Cynthia Cheng Mintz Vietnamese Coffee If you like ordering food dim sum style (on slips rather than speaking with a server), but prefer pan-Asian cuisine rather than standard Hong Kong fare, look no further than Hue’s Kitchen.  A unique concept to the Yonge and Bloor area, this restaurant allows diners to pick and choose their […]

Go SevenEast!

Cynthia Cheng Thai chicken spring rolls Though menu choices at SevenEast aren’t too different from the typical fusion restaurant (Spring Rolls, Indochine, etc…), this has got to be one of the best fusion places Prospere Magazine has tried in a while.  From the ambiance of the restaurant (small and modern-looking) to the food, this restaurant […]

Fusion is Putting on the Riz

Cynthia Cheng Fusion food doesn’t have to be super-fancy, nor does it have to be a chain restaurant.  In fact, you can find one right in midtown Toronto, on Bayview, north of Eglinton.  Riz (pronounced “rice”) offers a menu that comes from Thailand, Vietnam and southern China, ranging from fried rice and chow mein to various […]

Su Restaurant: Vegetarian Friendly, but Otherwise Needs Improvement

Logan Niles Living with a vegetarian can sometimes make eating out a challenge. Having spent some years eating vegetarian, raw and even Natural Hygienist, I’ve been in my husband’s shoes where eating out at a non-vegetarian restaurant often leads to lacklustre choices of “pasta” or “salad”. Not my idea of a great culinary experience unless […]

Most Happy with Loblaw's Acquisition of T&T

Not surprisingly, close to 50% (at 47%) of you thought that Loblaw’s acquisition of T&T is a good thing – after all, it is taking the chain out of foreigners’ (Taiwanese and Americans) hands.  29% of you weren’t too sure – T&T is priced better for the type of inventory they sell, and are worried […]

T&T and Loblaws: A Good Match Together?

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Shang: East Meets West in Manhattan

Cynthia Cheng   Beijing style cucumber salad Many Torontonians were saddened when chef, Susur Lee left the city to open Shang in Manhattan.  The restaurant, which opened recently, is like Lee’s Toronto restaurant, fusion.  However, unlike Susur, which leaned more towards western food, Shang is most definitely more Chinese/eastern-focused, in name, ambiance and food.

Brining your Holiday Meal

Logan Niles Every holiday I brine either a turkey or pork loin for the main roast at our house and since I first learned about brining I became an instant fan of this easy cooking technique. Brining meat is an age old culinary technique that adds great, personalized flavour to meat, fowl and even seafood. […]