Hey Jezebel, Please Stop Thinking it's 'Racism'!

This isn’t going to be a long post, but I’ve had it up to HERE with Jezebel and their thinking that any form of skin lightening is “racist.”   They did it again on Tuesday with this post.   They don’t seem to “get” that in some cultures, light skin has been a beauty standard for centuries […]

Five Beauty Product Must-Haves for the Young, Working Woman

Elaine Zlotkowski Being a young, working woman is a beautiful thing. We are self -sufficient and have energy to spare, enabling us to completely devote ourselves to achieving our career ambitions. However, it is also time-consuming being a young, working woman; we spend our days perfecting a difficult and intricate balancing act: logging long hours […]

Sun Damage and Cellular Repair

Cynthia Cheng Many people today are lax about taking care of their skin. Young people, with their carefree attitudes, don’t realize that the habits they have right now may cause significant damage in the long term. According to the Center of Disease Control in the United States, skin cancer rates have increased significantly, at a […]