Immigration Sob Stories Boring and Not Interesting

Cynthia Cheng Why is it that every story the media report on regarding immigrants has to be borderline depressing?  It’s always about not being able to find jobs, or kids not fitting in.  Going as far back as movies like the Jazz Singer, the immigrant child always has some sort of culture clash with the […]

Dinner Parties Rule, Crazy Parties Drool!

OK, enough with the crazy teenage behaviour now.  Yes, you readers have decided – the overwhelming majority of you, at 87.8%, prefer nice, quiet dinner parties.  There were some of you (at 9.8%), however, who said that whether they’d prefer dinner parties would depend on their dining partners.  If they’re boring, then it’s no fun.  […]

Pink Tartan Brings Grunge Back

Kimberly Newport-Mimran’s Spring/Summer 2010 was a little bit of a disappointment. Being one of the highest profiled designers participating in LG Fashion Week, audiences expected much, much more from Pink Tartan.  After all, the show was, as usual, packed.  However, it seems that the audience was transported back to circa 1992 with several of her pieces with […]