Lula Lu Lingerie Presents the Delilah Bra

The Delilah Bra is now available at Lula Lu Petites!  This bra, which is slightly padded and great for those of us who’re tiny, comes in sizes 32AA to 38AA and 32A to 36A and available in three colours (white, “nude” and black).   The unwired bra is made with organic cotton, which is great as it allows […]

AAA Cup Bras are a Wonderful Thing

Cynthia Cheng Lula Lu Lingerie has launched AAA cup bras, coming in 32, 34 and 36 band sizes.  Though this is good news for very tiny women, the launch has caused a bit of controversy over at Jezebel, a blog which targets young women.  The original poster, Tracie, questioned the need for these bras and […]

Coming Next Week: Something That Fits You!

Lula Lu Lingerie, which specializes in tiny bras, recently launched a line which will fit the tiniest of cups.  At size AAA, these bras will surely make the extra petite woman feel extra sexy.  More information, including additional pictures of various styles and Prospere Magazine’s opinion on the bras, will come in a post next week.  Stay […]

Just The Right Amount is What We Have

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked readers whether they thought of themselves as “bra hoarders.”  Only 10% of you openly admitted that you were (and have enough to open a small lingerie boutique), while 60% of you said that you had “just the right amount.”  30% said that they had a good sized collection.

Are You a 'Bra Hoarder'?

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Emily Lau Makes Smaller Women Look and Feel Good

Former TV writer/producer, Emily Lau, launched The Little Bra Company in 2007 because she no longer wanted to “make do” with the types of bras she had.  It wasn’t that they were too small.  Actually, they were too big.  In order for Emily, who is small-framed, to have bras which fit her properly (and make […]

Cynthia's Thoughts: Non-Standard Sized Models

The body image issue is a big deal, and is often talked about in blogs and other media sites, especially around Fashion Week. Regardless of the product being sold, the models used are all tall, slim and beautiful. However, more recently, many have been advocating for models that “look more like the average end user of […]