Poll: Were You Watching Hockey?

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Seeing Canada's Diversity was Great: Poll

  Though many media outlets have said that the Vancouver opening ceremonies were not as good as they should be, many of Prospere Magazine’s readers felt otherwise. In fact, more than half of the readers who participated in the poll, at 61.5%, liked seeing the diversity of Canada. 15.4% thought that it was okay, but not […]

Poll: Did you see the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony?

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Secrecy Increases Suspense at BC Fashion Week

Laura Norbury JC Studio Spring 2009 This fall BCFW is eagerly awaited by the local fashion industry for a few reasons. For starters, this will be the first year that the event isn’t under the direction of longtime BCFW veterans, Vladimir Markovic and Deborah Walker, but a new team run by Chez Noel. The local […]

Getting Friendly with Telus

Telus Corporation (TSX: T, T.A; NYSE: TU), a Canadian cell phone service provider, launched in Alberta as Telus Communications in  1990, is one of Canada’s major cell phone and communications services provider.  The company was first set up as a holding company when the Alberta Government Telephones Commission was being privatized.  In 1999, Telus Communications and BCTel merged […]

Mountain Biking in Whistler, BC (Part II)

Winnie Nip EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a continuation of the Whistler article posted in the previous issue “Follow me, and don’t look back!”  Jeremy mounted his bike and led the way.  I decided to go right behind Jeremy because then, he could never be too far ahead if and when I needed him to turn […]

Mountain Biking in Whistler, BC (Part I)

Winnie Nip It was cloudy but dry, and I was well rested – the perfect day for mountain biking. My family and I arrived at Vancouver International Airport the day before.  There, we rented a Hyundai from Hertz and drove up the beautiful mountains of Whistler.  Due to road widening projects in preparation for the […]