Christmas in Hong Kong: Absolutely CRAZY!

Christmas Eve at Pacific Place Mall, Hong Kong  In most parts of the west, Christmas is quiet.  Stores are closed and people are spending time with their family.  Not so in Hong Kong.  Though Christmas is celebrated commercially (kids see Santa, homes often have trees and of course, malls and streets are decorated), the Christian […]

Poll: What have you done for the holidays?

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Cynthia's Thoughts Will Return

Due to the craziness of LG Fashion Week, Cynthia’s Thoughts will be on hiatus this week and will be back on Friday, October 30.

Sodaliscious Keeps Cindy Mathieu Busy!

A look at Sodaliscious’ Fall 2009 line:                                               From having shows all over the United States to being featured in a variety of awards shows, Toronto-based Sodaliscious‘s Cindy Renee Mathieu has been extremely busy. In fact, she […]