Prospere Magazine's Five Worst of the Decade List

As the decade draws to a close, Prospere Magazine has come up with a list of what it thinks are the five worst things of the 2000s (outside of the recession, natural disasters, middle east issues and 9/11 – these belong in their own categories): The Flip Flop:  A total fashion DON’T of the 2000s Flip flops as streetwear: Flip flops […]

Mad Men Premiere: Will You Be Watching?

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Excuse me, are you…:The Look-a-Like Auditions

Cynthia Cheng Last week, I sat in on auditions for the sixth season of the television show, Look-a-Like, where regular, every day people who at least somewhat resemble celerities are given make-overs to look more like said celebrity.  In other words, this isn’t really a competitive reality show like the Idol or Next Top Model. There isn’t a competition […]

Grey Gardens: A Reflection of How Women’s Expectations Have Changed

Last weekend, I saw the premier of the HBO TV movie, Grey Gardens.  This is a fictionalized account of the Edie Beales, a mother (“Big Edie,” played in the movie by Jessica Lange) and daughter (“Little Edie,” played by Drew Barrymore), who went from high society New York to living in a house that was […]

Canwest Media: Suffering the Recession like other Media

Canwest Media Inc. (TSX: CGS and CGS.A), one of Canada’s media giants, is based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Founded in 1974, the company owns several specialty channels, including E! Canada, Global Television (its main network channel) and Food Network Canada.  It also owns a conservative newspaper, The National Post and the broadcasting portion of Alliance Atlantis.  Like most […]

Where did you watch the inauguration?

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Rogers: More Than a Triple Threat in Canadian Media

Rogers Communications (TSX: RCI.A, TSX: RCI.B, NYSE: RCI) is one of Canada’s largest communications companies, owner of television, radio and print publications as well as providing service to Internet, cable and phones.  Early concepts of the company started in the 1930s when Edward S. Rogers, Sr. was given an early television licence, but the company did […]