Coming Next Week: Something That Fits You!

Lula Lu Lingerie, which specializes in tiny bras, recently launched a line which will fit the tiniest of cups.  At size AAA, these bras will surely make the extra petite woman feel extra sexy.  More information, including additional pictures of various styles and Prospere Magazine’s opinion on the bras, will come in a post next week.  Stay […]

Carla Mancini's Spring/Summer 2010 Bags

Cynthia Cheng Carla Mancini is not a person – at least, not a fashion designer.  Rather, it is a line of handbags owned by Mariana Goschin and Richard Elgrichi and has an exquisite spring 2010 line.  Mariana comes from a fashion family.  Her father was an atelier in her home town of Constanza, Romania, and she […]

Burhemian Chic, California Cool

Cynthia Cheng California-based Ettika, a line of jewellery started by Ettie Rafeili and Joey Rafeili is an all-American brand inspired by their surroundings in Los Angeles.  Every colour of the rainbow can be found in this collection, which includes not only bracelets, but anklets, earrings and keychains as well.  The pieces which have both a bohemian […]

Holiday Dress Suggestions from Fernanda Carneiro

Fernanda Carneiro I aimed my Fall/Holiday collection to the fashionably wise woman who wants to stand out in a classy way. The collection highlights retro geometric designs and recognizably classic tailoring.  This combination of fine lines and beautiful tailoring make for the perfect pieces to wear to those family or office holiday parties. To illustrate […]

Majken Polsen: Personal Trainer and Model

Born and raised in Denmark, Majken Polsen, a model and personal trainer, arrived in California as a 19 year old after graduating from business college.  She did not intend to stay – it was meant to be a vacation/learning experience where she could “find herself.”  Sixteen years later, Majken is still here.

Keren Taylor: Helping Girls Build Confidence and Self-Esteem Through Writing

When Keren Taylor was laid off from her job in 2001, her friends suggested that she “take time to decide what to do.”  This time-taking eventually led to her starting WriteGirl, a Los Angeles-based program which empowers girls through mentorship programs on creativity and self-expression. These programs can be weekly one-on ones or group session.

Emily Lau Makes Smaller Women Look and Feel Good

Former TV writer/producer, Emily Lau, launched The Little Bra Company in 2007 because she no longer wanted to “make do” with the types of bras she had.  It wasn’t that they were too small.  Actually, they were too big.  In order for Emily, who is small-framed, to have bras which fit her properly (and make […]

Fernanda Carneiro Designs Online Store now LIVE

Fernanda Carneiro has certainly been busy over the past few months.  First profiled by Prospere Magazine in June 2008 for Petite Fashionista Presents and again a few weeks ago, Fernanda has certainly been very busy when it comes to her line.  Most recently (this week, in fact), Fernanda launched her online store.  Now, Fernanda Carneiro […]

Cynthia's Thoughts: Eight Babies? Wow!

On Tuesday, I heard that a woman in California gave birth to octuplets (she thought she was going to have seven – the eighth was a surprise).  Yes, eight babies at the same time.  While the woman currently wishes to be anonymous, and therefore, the hospital has not released much information about her or her […]

Barney's Bling – Quality Bling for You and Your Best Fur Friend

The concept of Barney’s Bling started in 2007 when Bridget Livingston met Barney, a Yorkie in Chicago.  As Barney’s fur mommy, she gave Barney doggie accessories, but found that they were falling apart easily.  She searched every pet store to find something that Barney deserved, but  wasn’t able to find anything.  Bridget, therefore decided to […]