Immigration Sob Stories Boring and Not Interesting

Cynthia Cheng Why is it that every story the media report on regarding immigrants has to be borderline depressing?  It’s always about not being able to find jobs, or kids not fitting in.  Going as far back as movies like the Jazz Singer, the immigrant child always has some sort of culture clash with the […]

Luminato Book Event: Elyse Friedman and Pasha Malla

Cynthia Cheng Caroline Adderson, a Canadian writer, believes that short stories are harder to write than novels. Each word in a short story, she believes, has more meaning as you have fewer words to complete the story. Caroline was the moderator at the Luminato’s Festival of the Short Story event held at the Toronto Reference […]

En France, C'est "Les Essentiels" (In France, it's "The Basics")

Cynthia Cheng They say that women in France (and other parts of Europe) buy fewer items than women in North America. According to an article from Factio Magazine, women there would prefer to splurge on ONE designer suit than “armfuls of throwaway shirts from H&M.” Why do they do that? Usually, there are two reasons […]