Card Cache Keeps Them Together

Remember punching a hole on your student ID card in university and wearing it around your neck with your keys?  Now you can live it all over again with Card Cache, a pretty key chain which also holds your cards together.  All you need to do is punch a hole on the corner.  Card Cache […]

The Recessionista’s Guide to Holidays

T.U. Dawood Did you ditch Holiday cards last year because of the Recession?  Are you dreading Secret Santas and holiday gift giving this year because your budget is just not what it used to be?  Have you not got yourself a special outfit to wear to the office Christmas party because it’s simply too much […]

Organize Your Cards and Photos with Magnique

Keep your holiday memories alive this season with Magnique.  Founder Tova Posner launched her line of glass magnets, picture frames and bulletin boards in 2007.  The idea came to her two years prior, when she was looking for something to organize her papers.  Everything in stores seemed to be plain – nothing available was not […]