Effective Networking Skills to take the Awkwardness of out Business mixing and mingling

Kristin Marquet Before I started working in the fashion and public relations’ industries, I felt uncomfortable in social situations, was petrified of meeting and talking to new people, and hated public speaking for many reasons but shyness topped the list.  Yet, once I learned effective networking skills, my network of fashion and media contacts exploded. […]

Networking Events: What Makes them Work?

Cynthia Cheng Since its establishment, Prospere Magazine has attended and covered a variety of different networking events.  Some of the events seem to target a specific age group  – for example, FastLane attendees tend to be under 40, while others I’ve been to were industry-specific or ones which target women.  Sometimes, there are events which […]

Living Your Career: Joining Professional Associations

Kyle Bernstein Many articles in professional magazines state that a large number of very successful women who own or run Fortune 500 companies don’t do any networking. Lots of CEOs of corporations have never gone to college, don’t read up on the industry, have no idea what the competition is up to and feel very […]