Professional Profiles will Return

Prospere Magazine is covering the tents this week!  Our weekly profile of women with unique careers is on hiatus this week, but will return on October 28!

Sara Sutton Fell: Being Flex With One's Career

Sara Sutton Fell of Denver, Colorado is the brainchild behind FlexJobs, a job site launched in 2007 dedicated to helping people find telecommuting jobs, positions where they can work from home.  Sara started this when she was pregnant with her first child and wanted to look for positions where she could spend more time at home.  However, […]

Cynthia's Thoughts: Household Applicances and the "Liberation" of Women

According to this article from the Telegraph, the Vatican believes that the washing machine (and other household appliances) did more to “liberate” western women than birth control or abortion.  Obviously, I can understand why the Vatican feels the way they feel about contraceptives and abortion, but is the washing machine really a “liberation tool”?  I […]

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