Patio Dinner with the Family

Sunday is Father’s Day!  What are you going to get your dad?  Rather than an at-home barbecue dinner, perhaps the entire family would go out to a restaurant with a nice patio.  No casual outfits for this dinner!  Here’s an outfit that you might want to wear: Patio Dinner by shortystories featuring ASOS shoes Princess […]

Intimate Dinner or Clubbing?

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Yvette Craddock and StyleFolioJewelry

Yvette Craddock, founder and style director of has been in love with fashion industry since she was a child model.  As a teenager, she started designing her own clothing, which she still does today (while working with a tailor).   While she was making these clothes, she realized that she needed accessories to compliment her […]

September 22 to September 29 Survey: Business Casual Edges Out – Slightly

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked: What’s your ideal dress code?   It wasn’t surprising that many people, at 26.7%,  prefer the slightly relaxed business casual atmosphere.  Perhaps it’s because it isn’t as stiff as formal. However, a good number of you somehow prefer a more formal setting, at 20%.  Another 20% believe that casual-casual is the […]