From Smartbride Boutique: Asymmetrical Gowns

If you’re a bride who isn’t interested in donning the typical strapless wedding gown, but rather prefers a bit more visual interest along your neckline, the popular asymmetric neckline is a stunning choice. Whether you want it embellished with flowers, want to rock some ruffles, or prefer a simple silhouette, this week’s choices have it […]

Earth Hour: Most Participated but 33.3% thought it was gimmicky

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked whether you had plans to celebrate Earth Hour, which occurred this past Saturday.  Out of all of those who participated, 27.7% were took part for the second time and 33.3% were new at it.  Another 33.3% believed that it was something started by environmental activists.  The remaining 5% chose “other.” […]

Poll: Earth Hour is this Saturday. Will You Take Part?

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