Mrs. Hislastname or Ms. Birthlastname?

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Immigration and Integration: The New Canada

Cynthia Cheng According to a recent Globe and Mail article, Canada’s visible minority population is set to double in the next twenty years.  This is not only due to increased immigration, but also because some cultures tend to have more children than others.  However, it’s very interesting that some commentors automatically assume that any recent arrival […]

The Soap Opera and the Resist for Change

Earlier this week, CBS announced that it was cancelling its last Procter & Gamble sponsored soap, As the World Turns later this year.  Guiding Light, the longest running soap in history (dates back to the radio days) will also be leaving television.   There will be  only six traditional afternoon soaps left on television.  People just […]

You Can Do It!: A Wrap-up of the Changing the World Conference

TU Dawood If you want to change the world, there was no more inspiring place to be this past Saturday than at the Changing the World Conference at University of Toronto. Conference Speakers Sponsored by IBM, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Queen’s University, the conference featured some of the world’s greatest visionaries, each given 18 minutes to motivate […]

US Goes Obama!

Cynthia Cheng History was made on November 4, with the election of Barack Obama as the President of the United States.  Being the first US President of African descent, this was something that was not even in anyone’s imagination even ten years ago, let alone during the Civil Rights era of the 1960s.  But the question remains: How […]