Medieval Portugal V: Evora

K. Lau As the largest city of Alentejo in the south of Portugal, Evora, with its medieval characters, is the best preserved city visited during our study tour. Evora has been a walled city since Roman times. Traces of the 1st century Roman wall, reinforced by the Visigoths in the 7th century, can still be […]

Medieval Portugual III: Coimbra

K. Lau  Coimbra University The upper town, or Cidade Alta, of Coimbra is built around a hill looking over the river Mondego. The University, which takes up about half of the hill, was originally a palace. Afonso Henriques moved the capital to Coimbra from Guimaraes in the mid 12th century. The University was established by […]

Medieval Portugal, Part I – Lisbon

K. Lau Lisbon was founded by Phoenicians who landed on their seaborne travels in 1200 BC. It then became a regular stop on the route to northern Europe for traders from the Mediterranean: Greeks, Carthaginians and eventually Romans, who conquered the city in 138 AD. When under Arab rule in 714 it was named Lissabona. […]