Smart, Sophisticated City Dwellers and Interracial Unions

Cynthia Cheng Interracial couples are “happenin’” in cities across the country.  According to this Toronto Star article, 5.1% of all city-dwelling couples were interracial, while 0.5% of all non-city people were.  Vancouver has the most mixed relationships, at 8.5%.  The city factor is not surprising, since demographically, minorities are more likely to live in cities […]

Today's Young People: Wild, Yet Sophisticated?

Queen’s University’s recent cancellation of Homecoming Weekend for the next couple of years shows that in many cases, today’s young people are wilder than the twenty-somethings have ever been – the cancellation was due to the wild after-parties held just off campus.  While the crazy homecoming incidents are predominantly the fault of outsiders, people who […]

Medieval Portugal, Part I – Lisbon

K. Lau Lisbon was founded by Phoenicians who landed on their seaborne travels in 1200 BC. It then became a regular stop on the route to northern Europe for traders from the Mediterranean: Greeks, Carthaginians and eventually Romans, who conquered the city in 138 AD. When under Arab rule in 714 it was named Lissabona. […]