An Old Fashioned Experience at Avenue Diner

Cynthia Cheng Most diners in the city don’t live up to the nostalgic, old fashioned goodness of the Avenue Diner on Davenport and Avenue Road.  A small shop with very few tables and a counter, the restaurant has been around since the 1940s.  Only open for breakfast and lunch, the menu choices are very much […]

Stuart Weitzman Stores Coming to Toronto

Cynthia Cheng   A pair of Stuart Weitzman wedges from 2008 According to this Toronto Life article, Stuart Weitzman will be opening its first Ontario store at the Eaton Centre in August (there are already two stores in Quebec).  I am extremely excited as this line is one of few which carries uber-tiny sizes.  As a size […]

Book: Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters

T.U. Dawood Looking for something fun and different to read this winter?  Want to immerse yourself in a classic novel, but something modern and trendy at the same time?  Check out Quirk Books’ latest winner, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. Following the runaway success of  Pride & Prejudice & the Zombies: The Classic Regency […]

Lara Presber: From Architecture to Fashion

Calgary-based designer, Lara Presber has always had an interest in structure and fashion.  As a kid, she spent part of her leisure time helping her dad in the garage and the other half sewing with her mother.  The interest in structure eventually led her to architecture school sin Boston where she eventually obtained a  B. Arch.  After spending a few years in […]

Fashion Flips For Versatility and Practicality

Karen Kowelaski and business partner, Darcy Messenio launched Fashion Flips, a line of practical, fashionable bags in 2005.  Though their early creations focused on reversibility, but as they became more experienced, they realized that their pieces needed to be more versatile – women want practicality, after all. 

Anne Kiel:From Peace Corp to Jewellery Design

Prior to launching her line of jewellery in 2007, University of Texas at Austin alumna, Anne Kiel served in the Peace Corp.  In fact, it was her service which influenced her to go into the jewellery-making business.  Acccording to her bio, she never thought that jewellery-making was something that she wanted to do, but witnessing the sense of […]

Cynthia's Thoughts: What IS Style, Anyway?

Fashion Week had me thinking.  What is style?  Does it have to be avant-garde?  Different?  Creative?  Or can someone who dresses classically and conservatively still be considered stylish?  I saw many different types all through last week.  There were those who dressed “up” and others who dressed “down” (especially photographers).  There were also those who […]